Bacon Beginnings

Yep, I’ve read a million and one blogs.  Most of them seem to be somehow cooking related.  But I have never attempted my own.

Somehow though, in the last year or so, I have become known to my group of friends, here in LA, and elsewhere, as something of a Bacon Master.  I’ve got people who come up to me at the bar and ask me “Where’s the Bacon?” or “Why aren’t you wearing a bacon shirt?”

Is this normal, or is that just what happens when you end up owning a halfdozen baconrelated shirts, own and enjoy baconaisse or constantly subjecting your friends to internet recipes like a take on the now-infamous Bacon Explosion?

This would all be well and good.  I don’t mind being the “Bacon Guy.”  But then, my boy Jared decided to eat a cow.  And blog about it. He got me thinking.

One:  I do LOVE to cook.  Sure, I have a few other hobbies, but this one you can do all year round.  It calms me.  It puts me in my Happy Place.

Two:  Being a fairly non-practicing Jew, I spent way too much of my life not enjoying some of the finer things in life. Lobster.  Cheeseburgers.  Bacon.  I’ve known vegeterians who turned back into carnivores purely because they needed Bacon!

Three:  Wow.  Somehow was available.  I paid GoDaddy and here it begins!

5 Responses to “Bacon Beginnings”

  1. KJ Says:

    Ah. Finally. You shall spill your bacon secrets like fat off of…bacon.

    I’m back in Portland. Sorry I didn’t see you down there. Glad that you’re doing this. Promise I’ll keep up.

  2. CEO of Bacon School LTD Says:

    Uh, scuse me there, greasy, but are you even “Bacon Certified”? If not, I would recommend that you take a course at Bacon School. It will fry your mind!

  3. CEO of Bacon School LTD Says:

    Not surprising…its invisible to anyone non-certified.


    3 friggin posts and you’re done?!!! Weak…

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