Fresh from the Garden

We’ve got a small garden in our backyard finally!

Kitchen Patio

Kitchen Patio

We’ve got everything we need for now.  Bad-ass grill and smoker, though I may eventually have to upgrade to a larger one.  We’ve got tomato plants, a couple varieties of peppers, basil, cilantro, chives and of course parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.  Though I need to learn more to do with sage and thyme.  My tomato plant is starting to yellow though.  Most of the fruit has ripened, so is this what’s supposed to happen?  I think my thumb is meat colored though.  It sure isn’t green.

What to do with those ripe tomatoes?  Something italian, something easy. I had just gotten off work so maybe something that requires a really short trip to Trader Joes.

Let’s see, I have ripe, delicious tomatoes, basil, bacon, of course.  Oh, and some extra virgin olive oil I picked up when Jared got the cow.  Hell, his cow fertilized my olive oil.  I even just made up a bunch of infused oils from the garden with it.

Infusions from the garden

Infusions from the garden

I’ve got it.  Insalata Caprese!  Or in this case Insalata Bacaprese!

Shot off to TJ’s.  Bought some fresh Mozzarella and some Mozzarella Burrata.  Got home and started slicing.  Easy stuff.  Slice of tomato.  Slice of fresh Mozz. Some basil and topped with some drizzle of roasted garlic oil.

Oh yeah, I threw a piece of bacon inbetween the tomato and cheese.

Insalata Ba-caprese

Insalata Ba-caprese

As fine as any at even the best italian restaurants.  The bacon was just the ticket.  Added just a little smokiness and saltiness to each piece.  Delicioso!

And the path to hardened arteries begins.  Taking a lite, classic salad and Baconifying it.  What could be better?

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One Response to “Fresh from the Garden”

  1. Jared Says:

    I love this. How was the olive oil?

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